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The three ways to check yellow sapphire are to compare the yellow sapphire with yellow glass piece, look for tiny bubbles carefully and check for scratches.

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Q: What are three ways to check yellow sapphire?
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How do you get medicham in Pokemon emerald?

You can only get Medicham in Emerald one of two ways: Find a Meditite on Mt. Pyre or Victory Road in Ruby and Sapphire, then trade it to Emerald. Meditite will evolve at level 37 and you’ll get Medicham. Trade a Medicham from Ruby or Sapphire.

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You can buy them at few at stores. On some versions, people will give them to you. On Yellow, Red and Blue, you can find Moon stones in certain caves. There are multiple ways to get stones. Remember, there are other ways of evolving your Pokemon besides stones! Good luck! In different versions, evolutionary stones are obtained in different ways: In Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow; these stones are bought from the Celadon Department store. In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal; stones are obtained randomly throughout the game (By finding them, winning a contest, etc.). In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald evolutionary stones are traded from a man who is looking for different coloured shrads. Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen are the same as Red and Blue. In all versions, Moon stones are found randomly and cannot be bought or traded.

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