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I'm inferring that you mean that one guy in the Poke center for the mystery event... If that's not what you mean, I apologize. "Mystery Event Is Exciting"

Again, I'm not sure if this is what you ment, but hope I helped anyways.

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Q: What are the words that go to the questionnaire in Pokemon emerald?
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Mystergift in Pokemon Emerald?

go to market and fill out questionnaire saying: link together with all

What are the questionaires for in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the pokemart and then fill in the questionnaire with 'link together with all' and the guy in the mart will say'oh..u noe those words' and unlocks the mystery gift for u!

What funny words do i tell the baby in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the website:

How do you fill out the Pokemon Emerald questionnaire?

You can go to any Pokemart and on the desk there will be a paper. Just walk towards it and press A. P.S. If you want Mystery Gift write: "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"

How do you get help on Pokemon emerald?

To get help on Pokemon emerald go to IGN or on this website!!!

In Pokemon Emerald do you need to beat the Pokemon league to catch rayqaza?

no just go to him but i am talking about Pokemon emerald

Where do you go after Mauville in emerald?

Go to and watch a walk through about Pokemon emerald

Do you go outerspace in Pokemon emerald?


Can you go to jotho in Pokemon emerald?

no ...

How do you get the mystery gift on Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to any pokemart. there is a questionnaire there. on the questionnaire write "link together with all". the salesman will notice and you will get mystery gift

How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald takes place in a different region than Kanto (the home of Pallet Town). You cannot go there in Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon emerald after catch requaza then go where?

to the Pokemon league.