What are the types of deases?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there are two types of deases



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Q: What are the types of deases?
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Does blood types cause diseases?

I do not believe that rare blood types cause certain desease. There are all types of people with certain deases that can not be helped I have A+ and had Cervical Cancer.

What deases makes you blind from one eye?

You can't, at least from a deases.

What is a kissing deases?

Kissing deases are sicknesses that can be given to another person by kissing or swapping spit. Like mono.

The worst types of deases?

Any diseases that kill you are bad diseases. If they aggressively infect others, they are really bad diseases. Influenza is a good example.

What is the deases that horses could dye from?


Which deases did sain mumtaz have?

Proteus Syndome

What deases do vampires get?

None. Vampirism is a disease sort of.

What is bronchi ecstasies?

i also have the same deases like you...

How do you spell dease?

disease -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no its not its deases

What deases did ronal rigan suffer?

ronald reagan*

What does a salty taste in mouth indicate?

what is clasification of borne deases

What type of deases are most common in cambodia?

See website: Cambodia