What are the top 5 Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it all depends on the trainer there is a tier list for them but like I said it all depends

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Q: What are the top 5 Pokemon?
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What are your top favorite Pokemon?

my best top are in order 1 to 5 1 is the best to last are 1 steelix 2 gyarados 3 picachu 4 toreterrer 5 palkia i do have palkia in my party in Pokemon pearl on ds

5 best Pokemon ever?

well this is my opion but the top 5 to me are Latias, Latios, Raquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre.

What are the top 5 water Pokemon?

chin chau , magikarp , corsala , poliwag , mudkip

Will Pokemon be canceled?

Since, Pokemon is one of Nintendo's top brands the Pokemon show and games will be going on for a while longer. Generation 5 Pokemon have been announced and that means there will be years of the Pokemon show, just for this region.

What is the top 5 worst bug pokemon?

5.Metapod 4.Nincada 3.ladyba 2.Wurmple 1.Caterpie

Where do you get the upgrade in Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon Tower. Why?You have to beat the Trainers Tower and the guy on the roof top will give you Upgrade.

What is the top 5 best pre-legendary Pokemon?

1. Garchomp 2. Hydreigon 3. Tyrantior 4. Salamence 5. Dragonite

What are the top 5 money making events in Columbus Ohio?

prostitution stipper lawyer Pokemon freak and ugly

How do you battle Cheren the last time in Pokemon white?

You go to route 5 then you will see him then he will go to the Pokemon league then go to the top floor of victory road then battle him

What are the top 5 strongest moves in Pokemon?

1.eruption 2. giga impact 3.hyperbeam 4.dracometeor 5.roar of time

What are the top fire type Pokemon?

1. Charizard 2. Ninetails 3. Moltes 4.Camprupt 5.Blaziken

What are the top grass type Pokemon?

1.Celbie 2.Tropis 3.Tortera 4.Roserade 5.Jumpluff