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Q: What are the names of every Pokemon from a to z except arceus and shaymin?
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How do you find Arceus and shaymin in explorers of darkness?

Unfortunately, shaymin and arceus don't appear in Pokemon mystery dungeon 2. It has every Pokemon from bulbasaur to darkrai, but not those 2.

Can you recruit shaymin in Pokemon dungeon 2?

Shaymin and Arceus are the only two Pokemon you cannot find or recruit. You can find every Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Darkrai, but not those two.

What Pokemon are on battle revolution?

About every single one exept arceus and shaymin for some reason.

How do you get every Pokemon without an ar?

accses to the gts is a must a friend with the opposite version to you go to all Pokemon events some Pokemon like shaymin and Arceus are unobtainable yet. hope this helps.

Why was Darkrai shaymin and arceus locked in the game in the first place?

Because they are "Special Event Pokemon", which is used to promote the Pokemon and Nintendo franchise every year when a new Pokemon film is released in Japan. The locks keep the Pokemon rare in the game. ----

Does anyone want an arcues ho-oh or a darkrai i need a shamin?

i have a Shaymin level 83. I want Arceus I have a shiny shaymin lvl100 but i will take any Pokemon u have i have every Pokemon u name it i am masteriantyrell/cheese/PokemonEliteMaster for info go to PS:no www. in it join Pokemon-Elite

How do you get darcri in Pokemon Platinum?

I think you have to go to a Pokemon event somewhere. I know for Diamond and Pearl you either have to come to an event or buy a game on eBay that has every Pokemon, level 100, and shiny. That way you can have darkri, arceus, shaymin, and all others.

Is there a Pokemon that evolves that isn't shaymin?

erm every Pokemon evolves

What do you have to do to find Arceus?

catch every Pokemon posibble. (p.s youll have to trade and not evolve them, have them separate.) go to the Ruins of alf and then only have shaymin (sky forme) and go to where the uknown are and walk to the last statchue of ryhorn in the bottom part and click a, then y, then x, then b. finally, go to the lake of rage with shaymin (sky forme) and catch that arceus.

Yeah but if you want shaymin but haven't seen it. I thought that was what Pokemon WiFi was for?

it depends ln if you caught or seen those Pokemon yet. 489-phione type-water 490-manaphy type-water 491-darkrai type-dark 492-shaymin type-grass 493-arceus type-every single type there is

What Pokémon are in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

there all sort of Pokemon but there is not Arceus or Shaymin in pkm mystery dungeon time/darkness it improved and every Pokemon except arceus is in the game whether exclusive to time/darkness i think you should get explorers of sky besides there are all Pokemon in Pokemon this is your only chance to get Pokemon exclusive to time in darkness and Pokemon exclusive to darkness in time so not shaymin. it's exclusive to sky so get time or darkness faint in a dungeon then rescue them and send a Pokemon exclusive to the game you don't have (to see exclusives go to Legends Come To Life press on tie and darkness on video games then see the exclusives)it's that simple.well not simple it is very long before you get the exclusives you want but it's worth it!

Is Arceus going to be on Pokemon?

If you are talking about t.v., then yes. There is a Pokemon Movie 12 coming out in 2010 and it has almost every Legendary including ARCEUS.