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Off topic: You can rearrange Phione into iPhone :D


Phione starts with :

Bubble & Water Sport


Charm-level 9

Supersonic-level 16

Bubblebeam-level 24

Acid Armor-level 31

Whirlpool-level 39

Water Pulse-level 46

Aqua Ring-level 54

Dive-level 61

Rain Dance-level 69 :)

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Q: What are the moves phione can learn and on what level?
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What level does phione evolve at?

Phione does not evolve

What level does sandslash learn moves?

Level when you get it

Are there reasons why my Pokemon has not learn any new moves?

because when you get to a certian level you have learnt all the moves it will learn by level

What moves does marshtomp learn and at what level does he learn them on sapphire?

marshtomp learns good moves in level 16 he learns mud shot but u have to train so it could learn good moves or just maake him learn moves by tm.

What moves does manaphy know when you hatch him?

if you have a manaphy egg from Pokemon ranger i don't know. but if you get one from diamon or pearl in the egg it will be a phione. [New person] First of all-- Manaphy is gender-less, so it's not a "he/him". Moving on. I'm not sure if Manaphy can pass it's moves down to Phione ....however... When you mate a Ditto and a Phione.... it naturally knows 'bubble' and 'water sport'. You can teach it other moves via the move tutor, TMs and by level-up but that's it. I don't recall Phione knowing other moves at birth. Been collecting Phione in the GTS and all of them thus far know the same moves.

What move does zoroak learn at level 100?

He does not learn any moves at level 100.

What moves can Magikarp learn?

Here are the moves magikarp can learn. Any level - Splash Level 15 - Tackle Level 30 - Flail Evolves into gyrados at level 20

What level does prinplup learn moves?

level 4,8,11,15,18,22,25,29,32,36,39, and 43.

What moves does sawk learn and in what level?

Sawk learn counter at a level 18.Sawk learn low sweep at a level 16

What moves does sealeo learn?

level 43

What moves do hunter learn at what level?

i dont no

What moves does a nidoran learn?

Level 13