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kadabra learns;

confusion (lv16),

disable (lv18),

psybeam (lv21),

reflect (lv23),

recover (lv25),

future sight (lv30)

role play (lv33)

psychic (lv36)

and trick (lv43)

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Q: What are the moves kadabra learns in Pokemon emerald?
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What level does Abra learn a second move in Pokemon emerald?

Abra doesn't learn any other moves, but when it evolves into Kadabra at level 16 it learns Confusion.

What can kadabra learn?

it learns psythic moves

What moves does marshtomp learn in Pokemon emerald?

Marshtomp is a ground and water type of Pokémon in Pokémon Emerald. It learns various moves such as water gun.

What level does Abra learn new moves on Pokemon crystal?

It only learns the move TELEPORT at level 1, but it is able to learn hm/tm's. It evolves into KADABRA at level 16 when it learns the move CONFUSION.

If you trade haunter from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Crystal will it evolve into Gengar?

Yes, but if it learns and moves that do not happen to be in yellow version, then you cannot trade it back. Kadabra, Graveler, and Machoke can also be traded to evolve.

Can solrock learn fire moves in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, it learns Fire Spin, and you can also teach it Flamethrower and Fire Blast.

What are the moves kadabra learns in Pokemon Red?

If starting from lvl 1 it will know: - Teleport - Confusion - Disable - Kinesis After that it learns: Level Move 16 Confusion 20 Disable 27 Psybeam 31 Recover 38 Psychic 42 Reflect

Which type of Pokemon can beat kadabra?

Dark and ghost type moves.

In Pokemon FireRed what moves do Pokemon learn?

It depends... a Fire Pokemon learns a lot of burning moves, the water pokemons, water moves...

What level does ninjask learn moves in Pokemon emerald?

Ninjask is a Bug and Flying type Pokemon that evolves from Nincada at level 20. In the third generation it learns new moves at levels 20, 25, 31, 38, and 45.

How do you get your moves deleted in Pokemon Emerald?

There should be a move deleter in Pokemon Emerald, try to find this person and you should be able to delete your moves.

Do you have to teach kadabra moves in Pokemon pearl?

No you don't have to. AS it gains levels, and it says to teach it a move, do not