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those are thank you gifts you get when you complete a mission and you do something eles but just finishing the mission

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Q: What are the gifts in Club Penguin missions?
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How many missions are there on CLub Penguin website?

There are 10 misions and for each mission you get a gift, and a medal.1 of the gifts is a pizza which your penguin can eat

Where is the gadget holder in Club Penguin EPF Club Penguin?


How many missions are on Club Penguin elite penguin force?

17 missions.

How many missions are in elite penguin force?

there is 12 missions in club penguin elite penguin force. 1O in club penguin elite penguin force herberts revenge

On club penguin when you finish all the missions when will there be more?

There are no more missions, but you can buy Club Penguin Elite Force for your DS and you can play more missions there.

How manny missions are on clubpenguin?

There are about 10 missions on club penguin.

How do you win mission 12 on Club Penguin?

There is only 11 missions on club penguin

Can you give gifts to other people on Club Penguin?

No, I do not think that you can trade in Club Penguin.

I have completed 71 percent on club penguin but i dont have any more missions or small missions what do i do?

you have to play a multiplayer game with someone with club penguin epf and someone without club penguin epf

What are the Awards you have after finishing all Club Penguin Missions?

there are no missions in clubpenguin

Who is Gary in Club Penguin?

Gary is a club penguin character and the P.S.A.'s leader and inventor, he also instructs your P.S.A. missions

When can you do club penguin missions again?

when they fit it