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on the ones with the bones next to jimmy the neck is a cabinett with a medal give this to him

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uhhhh ask siri

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Q: What are the errands and hidden wants for all the episodes on sims 2 for the gba?
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How do you get through the hidden stairway on sims castaway?


On sims 2 for gamecube in story mode how do you help the sims in other locations?

Click on the payphone and choose a location. Once you're there switch to the sims that have gold wants, and fulfill those wants.

What is the serial code for sims 3 Hidden Springs?

The serial code for Sims 3: Hidden Springs is located on the back of the manual that came with the game. Each disc has its own unique code.

How do you get more wants on the sims 2 it is a cheat?


Where is the portal in hidden lagoon on Sims 2 castawayps2?

there isn't a portal

How many islands are there in sims 2 castaway on ps2?

there are 4 islands that are found as well as hidden areas such as the pirates cove or the hidden lagoon

How do you go to different locations on the sims 2 for the playstation 2?

you have to unlock them first by doiing all your sims needs and wants =)

What do you inspect in the Chinese gallery on sims 3?

There is a hidden door by the things on pedestals. look around for i think a dive hole or hidden door that has lights coming out of it.

How do you Activate Hidden Springs in the Sims 3?

you install it into your computer then go to the sims3 start menu and press on the downloads and you should be able to see hidden springs

How many heiroglyphics in sims castaway?

You need nine pieces of heiroglyph to open the big door in Sims 2: Castaway

How do you find thief v hidden room in my sims agent?

You have to play the frogs in the order they play at first.

How do you get through the hidden stairway on sims 2 castaway for wii?

you need a lot of energy and your body to be at 10