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The serial code for Sims 3: Hidden Springs is located on the back of the manual that came with the game. Each disc has its own unique code.

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2014-05-14 22:50:31
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Q: What is the serial code for sims 3 Hidden Springs?
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What is a serial code in Sims 3?

A serial code in The Sims 3 is what you require to install the game which means no serial code is equal to no Sims 3 on your computer.

Do you have to have a serial code for the Sims 3?

Yes, you must have a serial code to install the Sims 3.

How do you Activate Hidden Springs in the Sims 3?

you install it into your computer then go to the sims3 start menu and press on the downloads and you should be able to see hidden springs

How do you unregister sims 2 serial code?

you cant

Code for Sims 3 for a laptop?

The only code I can think of is the serial code for the sims 3. To be able to find it, it should be on the back of the booklet in the sims 3 game case.

If you purchase the download for the sims 3 do you get a serial code?


Can someone lend a serial code for sims high tech and design?


What is the registration code for sims 3 Hidden Springs?

You shouldn't be asking for things like that, people have to pay for them and each code only works once. Electronic Arts (EA) have to have money to run Sims, so that's why they sell things like that. If you want it so bad, ask your parents for it or buy it yourself.

How can you install sims 3 without a code?

You can't. You need a serial key for The Sims 3 in order to install it.

Where to find the serial code for the sims3?

If you look on the back of your Sims 3 user manual, the code will be on the very top.

Your sims 2 serial code works on the computer but not online?

Unfourtunatley there is no such thing as Sims Online because The Sims requires a download and in order to download it you'd have to purchase it from a store because it also requires a CD & a bar code.

What is the Code your sims 2 delux?

Which code? If you mean serial number, that is original to the game, and should be printed on the back of your instruction manual.

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