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Arcane Spirit Shield:

The shield has the same defensive bonuses as the blessed spirit shield, though it also gives a +20 Magic attack bonus. This makes it the off-hand item with the best Magic attack bonus in the game, outclassing the mages' book (+15), which held the title before the release of the arcane spirit shield, and the farseer kiteshield (+17). Like the other spirit shields, it also gives a small Prayer bonus and has no offensive penalties, making it suitable for all styles of combat. Its substantial Magic attack bonus, however, make it most suited for mages.

Spectral Spirit Shield:

This shield is equivalent to an Arcane spirit shield, but instead of an offensive bonus of +20, it has a Magic defence bonus of +30. This shield is commonly used by wealthy players during Castle Wars and Tzhaar Fight Pits because of its extremely high magic defence. This shield is also effective in the Armadyl boss chamber as it gives good protection against Kree'arra's magic attacks, and is widely used among rangers when fighting the Corporeal Beast. It's equally the best shield for tanking the Zamorak boss who can hit you only with magic once pray melee is on. Its high magic defence bonuses also make it a good choice of shield to use on Slayer tasks, as commonly assigned monsters, such as Aberrant Spectres, Bloodvelds, Aquanites, and Waterfiends use magic-based attacks.

Divine Spirit Shield:

The Divine spirit shield comes with a special bonus that reduces 30% of any damage a player takes if the player has sufficient Prayer points. 50% of this 30% is deducted from the player's Prayer, while the rest is ignored.

Elysian Spirit Shield:

The Elysian spirit shield has a 70% chance of reducing the damage you receive by 25%. Without consideration of its magical effect, the shield is nearly as powerful as the Dragonfire Shield in defensive bonuses. On the other hand, it lacks the +7 Strength bonus the Dragonfire shield grants.

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Q: What are the effects of spirit shields in runescape?
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What are the best items in RuneScape?

The best items in RuneScape are Partyhats, Divine and Elysian Spirit Shields, and Christmas Crackers Moneywise.

What is requierd to wield spirit shields on runescape?

You must have 35 prayer and finish the quest "Summer end" plus you will need 40 defence.

Where is brother jered in RuneScape?

Brother Jered is a monk at the Monastery. Players may speak to him to have their holy symbols blessed. He is on the first floor, meaning only those with a Prayer level of 31 may speak to him. Anyone who achieves level 99 Prayer may get the Cape of Achievement from him for 99,000 coins. He also blesses Spirit shields into Blessed spirit shields for one million coins, if you bring him a Spirit shield and Holy elixir.

How much is a df shield in RuneScape?

As of May 23, 2010, Dragonfire Shields are 35.3mil.

What layer of gas shields organisms from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation?

The ozone layer shields us from ultraviolet radiation.

In runescape what is the training shields called now?

If you mean the training equipment from Lumbridge their just called training sword and shield.

What costs the most in runescape?

Party Crackers. This holiday item was used on another player, and in doing so spawned a few random items, most notably, the Party hat. Following the party cracker is the party hat, each colour worth a different amount. Then after this, the recently released spirit shields, most notably the elysian spirit shield. Hope this helps.

Is spirit of summer a member guest or not on runescape?

yes , it's a member quest

How do you do nature spirit quest?

The following link will redirect you to the RuneScape Wiki for a walkthrough.

On RuneScape how do talk to the spirit tree?

Completing the "Tree Gnome Village" quest will allow you to talk to and use the Spirit Tree's that are placed around Runescape, whilst doing the "Grand Tree" quest will allow you to use the gliders.

Are there more shields in phantom hourglass?

Not realy but you can upgrade it by getting wisdom gems and going to the spirit isle.

What are the roots that spring up from the ground in runescape?

That's means the evil tree is in runescape talk to a spirit tree and about the evil tree it will teleport u 2 it