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The only obtainable Dragon Pokemon in Ruby Version are as follows- Swablu is commonly found in routes 214 and 215. Swablu is a Flying/Normal type which will evolve into Altaria, a Dragon/Flying type. Altaria can be captured on the 5th floor of the Sky Pillar but is very rare and not obtainable until theend of the game. Trapinch is commonly found in the desert route 211. He is a Ground type, but will evolves into a Dragon type. Bagon can be found uncommonly behind the waterfall in Meteor Falls. He evoles into Shelgon, and then Salamence, one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. Rayquaza can be found at the top of the Sky Pillar. After you complete the game watch the TV at your house. A news reporter will have spotted a rare, red Pokemon. From there, the legendary Dragon/Psychic Pokemon Latias will roam the game. Latias can be found in any route, it is always on the move. Basically just explore until you ranomly encounter it. From there, you can track it on the Pokedex. It will run so when trying to capture have a Pokemon with an ability like Arena Trap (Like Trapinch) or a move like Mean Look so it cannot run away.

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Q: What are the dragon Pokemon in ruby version?
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