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poke ball, heal ball, timer ball, great ball, net ball, repeat ball, ultra ball, dusk ball, dive ball, master ball, nest ball, luxary ball, premier ball, quick ball, safari ball

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Q: What are the different types of pokeballs?
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Are there pokeballs in super smash brawl for Wii?

Yes, pokeballs are one of the several different items available for use. There have even been some Pokemon added to the list that can come out of the pokeballs. ;o

How do you catch landuros?

Best conditions are: Paralyze, Poison, or burn him. You can catch him with different types of pokeballs. I caught him with a regular pokeball. You will need atleast 40 pokeball of each type.

Rewards from trick master in Pokemon emerald?

You mainly get different kinds of pokeballs and ppups. But when doing the rooms, don't bother picking up the pokeballs on the ground. they just have different kinds of mail in them

Is there a code for 999master balls in Pokemon soulsilver?

Yes, it is the code for all types of pokeballs that already was on the AR cartridge

What pokeballs do you use to catch azelf?

There are many types of PokeBalls you could use to catch Azelf.But I would suggest the following: Quick Balls Master Balls Poke Balls Dusk Balls and,Ultra Balls

Is it fair to duplicate pokeballs?

yes and then u can catch more pokeballs.

Where do you buy pokeballs?

u find pokeballs in the pokemart. hope this helped!

How do you get a premier ball?

buy 6 pokeballs BUY 1O POKEBALLS MISTER

What kinds of pokeballs are there?

There is a regular Pokeball, a Ultra Ball, a Quick Ball, a Dusk Ball, a Master Ball, and maybe other types too.

Where can you get pokeballs in the game pokemonvolcano?

Actually you cannot buy any pokeballs in Pokemon volcano!

Cheat codes for masterballs in soul silver?

You'll need an Action Replay suited for your DS and one of the codes will be 900 of all types of Pokeballs.

How can you catch Reshiram on Pokemon black if you don't have any pokeballs or an action replay?

buy pokeballs!