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You'll need an Action Replay suited for your DS and one of the codes will be 900 of all types of Pokeballs.

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Q: Cheat codes for masterballs in soul silver?
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How do you get raqyaza in soul silver?

u cant get raqyaza in soul silver without cheat codes.

Where do you enter cheat codes in Pokemon soul silver?

you dont its doesnt accept codes [=

Is dark Lugia in soul silver?

Yes but it requires cheat codes

Where do you place the cheat codes in soul silver?

You must place them in your action replay.

Where do you put the cheats for soul silver?

u have to enter the cheat codes in an action replay.

How you will active cheat codes in Pokemon soul silver?

lol by eating brains from turtles

What is the Celebi cheat code in soul silver?

There are no codes for any of the core Pokemon titles.

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokemon soul silver?

well you buy a cheat ds game at futershop and enter it and it will have the cheats

Where do you type the cheat codes for Pokemon soul silver?

on the action replay before you start game

Pokemon soul silver cheat codes 999 rare candies?

buy an action replay

Why is it that the cheat codes for the Pokemon Soul Silver aren't working for this game why is that?

because its a different game idiot

Where do you write the cheat in Pokemon soul silver?

there are no cheat codes for Pokemon soul silver but if you buy an action replay you can hack your game.