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  • 30 new stand alone maps that can be played in multiplayer or single player skirmish.
  • Crusader Trail 2 (Warchest Trail) - A 30 mission linked trail showcasing the new AI characters.
  • Crusader Extreme trail - A heavy duty, 20 mission trail that will test the nerves of even the most hardened 'Stronghold Crusader' expert!
  • 8 new A.I. opponents: The Wazir, The Marshal, The Emir, The Abbot and The Nizar
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Q: What are the differences between stronghold crusader and stronghold crusader extreme?
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The following link to the Firefly Studios website, digital store should help:

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hi, you can download at this site, fast download, follow instuctions when downloaded, i got it here, all working fine, plus stronghold crusader extreme is with it too. go on game ranger to play online and i`ll see you there!

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