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In the Characters Folders

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Q: What are the def files of Blaziken and Lucario in MUGEN?
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What is the def file of Gardevoir in MUGEN?

yes there is. open the gardevior folder and look for a notepad picture that should be your def file.

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How do you add endings for characters in mugen?

first... you get tha ending file (def, sff and mp3 or midi, etc)now you open your charactr DEF, look for arcadeand write the name of the ending file for example....introstoryboard =endingstoryboard = data/capend/ending.defy put the espeificationof the ending file if you need to put the ending for more than 1 char..... or put the ending file into the character carpet if the ending is just for this char like this....endingstoryboard = ending.def wrestlmania 26 results?

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