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1.MAG-Great FPS and can play up to 200+ players online at the same time online only and was awarded most multiplayer at one time and awarded top ps3 exlusives

2.Uncharted series-All 1,2,and 3 will blow you away it as a mountain of awards and is a Ps3 game that many Sony fans rub into xbox's face.

3.007 Goldeneye reloaded-was originally a wii exlusive that many wii fans bragged about until ps3 got it to was voted best James bond graphics and best online for 007


4.Brink-Great story and has amazing online

and a lot of fun also great weapons loadouts.

5.Enemy Territories:Quake Wars-Is a great shooter and fast pace was originally on PC but later put on PS3 and Xbox 360.

6.Avatar-What?you ask this game is a shooter well yes if you want the best FPS experience than choose Marine and you can shoot as much as you like and to top that off great graphics and online is not half bad.

8.Warhawk-Another online only but great 3rd person shooter and loads of fun reminds people of Star Wars battlefront and very cheap today.

9.Lord of the Rings Conquest-Even though this is not a shooter it's on this list because many charts show that FPS fans love this game easy way to earn trophies and is practically star wars battlefront just lord of the rings.

10.Medal of Honor Airborne-Even though the Medal of honor series is not that big any more still great game and online is very fun the parachuting is also very cool idea.

11.Mercennaries 2-If you can't play grand theft auto well guess what this is your T rated backup you get the point

12.Ghost Recon advanced warfighter 2-Great game and it reminds lots of people of Medal of honor limited edition.

13.History channel battle for the pacific-Although it doesn't have online still great campaign and reminds people of the old call of duties for the ps2 like Call of Duty 2.

14.Call of Duty 3-Ps3 version has updated graphics but the cutscenes are so very annoying but online is Fun and the weapons are just what you expect from a world war based call of duty.

15.Battlefield bad company-You may know the battlefield series sadly yes now they are M but the original is great and just like the new ones just graphics are a tad bit less better.

16. 007 Quantum of solace-Not much to say just the average 007 James bond game fun but still not nearly as fun as the new 007 goleneye.

17.Tomb raider series-Kind of like uncharted just the graphics are not nearly as close and not as much shooting but stops great game to have

Ps:This is not ranked in any particullar order but I do recommend MAG,Uncharted,Brink,and 007 Goldeneye reloaded the most

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Q: What are the best t rated shooter games on ps3?
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Are there any cop games for PS3?

There are no cop games. There are plenty of shooter games but no cop games

What is the best game for ps3 that is not an shooter?

Little Big Planet

Does anybody know an E or E10 rated first person shooter for the PS2 or DS?

No most are rated mature and only some for the DS and PS2 are rated Teen and the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of those games are rated mature also

What is the best shooting game for ps3 not rated m?

That could be MAG for online players, which is rated T and considered a first person shooter. GRAW 2 or Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior 2 is considered a great Tactical shooter and is also rated T. Warhawk is another kind of shooter also rated T and centered on aerial combat, ground vehicle assaults, and infantry offensives.

What is the best T PS3 multiplayer game?

for shooter games CoD 3 or Battlefireld Bad company 1 for adventure little big planet 1 or 2

What were the best PS3 games of 2008?

The best PS3 games of 2008 were definitley all the Call Of Duty games!

What are good PS3 games for kids?

Some good games for kids on the PS3 are mostly playstation move games because they are rated E-T and they keep the kid moving unlike regular PS3 games.

Does just cause 2 ps3 game?

Just Cause 2 was released for the PS3 on March 23 2010 as third person shooter for a single player and is Rated M. see related link

Is PS3 better than Xbox and Nintendo?

ps3 has the best graphics but xbox has a better variety of games.ps3 is the best for sport but xbox better for shooter 18+ have to pay to go online on xbox but it's better than ps3.i havn't said everything but overall is ps3.ps3 is better!

What is the greatest game for ps3?

The best selling games are as follows...Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsGran Turismo 5 PrologueMotorStormGrand Theft Auto IVUncharted: Drake's FortuneResistance: Fall of ManResident Evil 5Heavenly SwordKillzoneMotorStorm: Pacific RiftRatchet & Clank Future: Tools of DestructionSince some way to list the games considered great for the PS3 the highest rated and most popular games were selected from the Gamespot PS3 rankings. The highest rated PS3 games at Gamespot are the following games:Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots rated 10.0Grand Theft Auto IV rated 10.0Red Dead Redemption rated 9.5Braid rated 9.5Uncharted 2: Among Thieves rated 9.5The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion rated 9.5The following games were selected from most popular at Gamespot and not already listed:Final Fantasy XIII rated 8.5Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 rated 9.0Gods of War III rated 9.0Assassin's Creed rated 9.0A near complete list of PS3 Games from the Wikipedia site has been added under the related link. Clicking the game title on that list serves as a link for that game.

What are the best games for the ps3 and why?

MW2 its amazing!! :)

What system has better graphics PS3 or Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 is better on shooter games ps3 just has 3D PS3 does have 3D if you have a 3D HDTV and that is the thing about systems the weakest link on pictures is not the console they both are good, it what they are connected to.