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Your choice - the power you spent most time on as you'll know how to play it. Just respec and experiment

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Q: What are the best powers in DC Universe Online?
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What are the best powers for dc universe online?

Any power can do the most damage in the right hands - honestly, even earth.

Which power in dc universe online in dc universe online does the most damage?

The power YOU choose. I know people in each power that can easily out-damage me. however, there are better powers for single targets, such as gadgets.

When did DC Universe Online happen?

DC Universe Online happened in 2011.

Can you get a minion in dc universe online?

yes, you can get loads, sorcery and tech are the best powers for it, but in the iconic powers you can get a robot sidekick and in some of the seasonal missions you can buy one ore get a rare one if it drops from loot

When was DC Universe Online created?

DC Universe Online was created on 2011-01-11.

Do you have to play online in DC universe online?

Yes you have to be online to play DC universe its an mmo so of course its online only

How do you take a screenshot on DC universe online?

The default key for screenshots in DC Universe Online for PC is the "F9" key. Your screenshots can then be found at Documents\My Games\DC Universe Online\Screenshots

What is the best thing to be in DC Universe online?

Fire + quarter-staff is useful for CC.

Is DC universe for xbox 360?

DC Universe Online is for PC & PlayStation 3.

How do you download DC universe online?

Go to the psn store then search dc universe online then when it shows up click on it and then press download

What are the ratings and certificates for DC Universe Online - 2011 VG?

DC Universe Online - 2011 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

Do you need to have online to play dc universe online for ps3?

It need's full internet connection to play. Why do ya think it's called dc universe online