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there aren't very many that are apropriatte for 5-year-olds, so you should try getting them a handheld called a leapster.

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Q: What are the best Nintendo ds games for 5 year olds?
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What is the best game for ten year olds?

Nintendo DS with the new Mario Brothers game

What do 9 year olds play?

Nintendo and wii

Which shooting games are available for 9 year olds?

i really think freearcade is best for 9year olds

What are games for 8 year olds? or they are they are the best

What are some names of legos games for 8 year olds?

One of the Legos games that is for 8 year olds is the Star Wars Legos games. Another of the Legos games that is suitable for 8 year olds is the Ninjago game.

What would a ten year old want?

A Nintendo DS in their favorite color with lots of games for it of their choice. You can also buy them a scooter, a keyboard, etc. Tn year olds love tecnology.

Are there any games that will entertain a six year old in the car while on vacation?

Being in the technological age that we are in, there would be many games that could entertain a six year olds mind. You could get a Nintendo DSI, or a Leap Frog learner device.

Which was one of the best selling nintendo ds games in Germany in 2012?

Super Mario Brothers versions one, two, and three as well as The Legend of Zelda were both best sellers for Nintendo in Germany in the year 2012. These games sold multimillion copies.

Are 12 year olds too old for playing Nintendo?

NOPE! You are never to old for Nintendo! But if your playing "Let's Learn Our ABC'S With Dora", THAT is totally different.

Are war games appropiate for 12 year olds?


What games are for 7 year olds?

Virtual games for 12 year olds?

the ps3