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if this is for iPod touch the icon should be a black lock on a green background. the answers are as follows:

1. touch red light

2.tap the enemy 5 times

3. tap knifes things including the one in the sentence

4. touch the blue magnet

5.touch the top right hand cloud

6. do nothing

7. pop ballons from right to left

8.drag bubble to the square on the right

9. tap top right 5 bottom right 25, top left 10, bottom left 5

10. tap bottom left fish

11. tap continue

12.tap square on bottom row

13.drag moon then earth into black hole

14.tap the WORDS orange green blue and red

15. cut the wood by dragging the saw up and down

16. tap the square

17.move the penguin to see the egg

18.move the exclamation mark from the top sentence to the end of the bottom one

19. turn ipod upside down

20. SLOWLY tapbottom green, middle yellow then the lights change so then tap the bottom red

21.tap continue

22. tap continue

23.tap red stars

24. tilt or shake ipod

25. tap targets.

26. do nothing tap balloons from bottom to top. nothing

28. move chips to their own numbers

29. touch green, orange, red then blue circles

30.touch bottom right fish

31. shake ipod

32. tap continue

33. tap enemy quickly

34. tap 25, 25, 5, 10, 10

35. tap top right eyes.

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Q: What are the answers to the Impossible Test for an iPod or iPhone?
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What are the answers to the impossible test Christmas on the iPod?

Why don't you just YouTube the walkthrough

How do you pass the question spin the windmill on the impossible test app?

Do a complete rotation of your iPod/iPhone/iPad

Is it possible to play The Impossible Test by pixel cube studios online for free?

no because it is for ipad, iphone and ipod

How do you Explode the can in impossible test summer?

You shake your iPhone/iPod forwards and backwards until the can gets bigger and explodes.

How do you develop the picture in the impossible test?

You have to shake your iTouch/iPhone.You have to shake your ipod or iphone in order to develop the picture.

How do you reach the other side on the impossible test water?

Hold your iPod/iPhone upside down then move the fish over the gate.

What are the opposite prime colors called?

from the Impossible Test on iPod/iPhone it says the primary colors are yellow red and blue. The opposites to that is purple, green and orange

How do you pass the clock section from the Moron Test on the iPod Touch?

turn your ipod or iphone upside down

Can you download an iphone or an iPod touch app on to a normal iPod?

No, one of the main reasons is that the ipod touch/iphone apps are not made for any other type of ipod. Without a touchscreen or an accelerometer it would be impossible to use any of the apps.

How do you destroy the enemy in impossible test?

u shake the ipod

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