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Infinite LP

0227ec6c 0000270f

02281198 0000270f

# Instant Win

12281818 00000000

1228357c 00000000


Max/Infinite KCP

020975a4 0001869f


Have All Cards

120976ae 00001313

a2097ace 00001313

d5000000 13131313

c0000000 00000107

d6000000 020976b0

d2000000 00000000

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Q: What are the action replay codes for Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare troubadour that work on a European version?
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Can you get the god cards in yugioh nightmare troubadour ds?

Yes, after the expert cup you can get it from Ishizu.

How do you get to the finals of the expert cup on yugioh nightmare troubadour?

iii dont know :p

Can you get raviel the lord of phantsm in Yugioh nightmare troubador?

No, Raviel, the Lord of Phantasms is not available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour.

Is there an action replay code for more than one forbidden card in your deck in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

yes there is it is 268756875645985689

Is Yugioh nightmare troubadour only for DS lite or can you play it on the DSi?

You could play it on both. Any DS game can play on your DSi

Yugioh world championship 2007 how to you get god cards?

either trade from nightmare troubadour or use an action replay (don't know the code though)

How do you get all of the card packs in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

You get to level 22 and beat Yami Marik Then you will have all packs available however some cards you have to trade to get.

How do you save in yugioh nightmare troubadour?

Go to your room and then press on the box above your head.

How do you transfer the Egyptian god cards from Yugioh Nightmare Troubadour to Yugioh World Championship 2008?

Unfortunately, no previous YGO! DS games can link with World Championship 2008, so you cannot get the God Cards from Nightmare Troubadour. I know for a fact that "Slifer the Sky Dragon" was offered as a downloadable card for one day, so perhaps that is the only way of getting the God Cards. yes ghosts exists.

Where can you get cheap Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

If your talkin about real life cards go to tescos OR if your talkin about yugioh nightmare troubadour, you can buy packs for 1000KC.

Can you erase previous data on Yugioh Nightmare Troubadour the video game because I plan to buy a used one online but am unsure if I can delete previous users data?


Yugioh nightmare troubadour action replay more than one forbidden cards?

I am also looking for this code but so far it seems s if there isn't one so sorry