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There is only one cheat code and that is sam99. This code unlocks all gadgets in the game mall brawl if that's the game you are asking about.

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Q: What are the Totally spies cheat codes?
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What are the cheat codes of totally spies mall brawl?

one of the cheat codes for mall brawl on totally spies is sam99 sam99

What are the cheat codes in totally spies academy webcode machine?

I know that one of the codes are 432qr and another witch is 6tr21. That is all i know

What are the codes for totally spies game mallbrawl?

The code for the Totally Spies game "Mall Brawl" is: sam99

Cheat codes for robot island from totally spies?

Click on the codes type the very first level code in Glamour and the special last one it is hard the level but the answer is Fashion

Totally spies mall brawl cheat codes?

sam99 to unlock all gadgetsIt's Code Is sam99. Btw,it's a fun game!sam99

What is the cheat code of totally spies mall brawl?

Its sam99

What are the codes for the totally spies game mall brawl?


What are the Totally spies fashion agent cheat code?

dildo up the bum :)

How do you get a totally spies web code?

you can use totallly spies web codes in the webcode machine in your spyloft.

What is the cheat code for totally spies mall brawl level 2?

candy gum

What are the codes for totally spies robot island?

Glamour Fashion

Who are the totally spies?

the Totally Spies was a Cartoon Network show along time ago it got canceled like 4 years ago anyway the Totally Spies are 3 girls who are basicly spies but if you are talking about the game the cheat codes areA Lovely SingerComplete the "A Lovely Singer" StoryKiwi-Kiki in DangerComplete the "The Halloween Chase" and the "A Lovely Singer" StoriesSave the EarthComplete the "Save the Earth" StoryThe Aptitude TestComplete the "The Aptitude Test" StoryThe Halloween ChaseComplete the "The Halloween Chase" Story hope that helped