What are the PSP features?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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OK! Well this is what a psp can do:

Play games demos and downloaded games,

also it can hold and play music

can hold pics

can go on the internet but not much

sleep mode, clock, also it shows how long your battery will last before charging

Thats about it.

Thanks for asking!

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Q: What are the PSP features?
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What are the features of psp 3004?

every psp is same the difference is only of models

Should you buy a Nintendo 3ds or a psp?

Yes, because it has the best features and psp does not.

Which is better DSi or PSP 3000?

from my expectations, I see the DSi seems to have better features then PSP 3000.

Which one is better nintendoDS lite or PSP?

Id have to say psp. Its way more loaded with features

Does fifa 13 has new practice features for psp?

yes it does

Which is better a PSP or a ps2?

ps2 is nice but psp has more features,and a psp is a portable ps3 (but not same grafics) and and we all know ps3 is better than ps2 so I think psp is better.

Where can one find some PSP videos?

To find some PSP videos, one should visit the official PSP webpage. Alternatively, visit magazine webpages, such as Play Magazine, for PSP video features.

What is the safety features o f a psp?

im not sure it has any

What are the main features of PSP Go?

The most popular features of Playstation's PSP Go include online multiplayer, internet, radio, access to the Playstation store, ad hoc and a new pause feature.

What is driffence between a PSP lite a normal PSP?

PSP lite and PSP normal? You mean the Fat and Slim versions? The slim version of the PSP is a smaller version with a few additional features. As far as I know theres no "lite" version of the PSP, they can all do the same things. And the slim is messed up >.> \

When will PS4 be out?

the ps4 is scheduled for 2011 and has said to have the same features as the psp go.

In modnation racers on psp do you have to have the internet?

No. But if you don't you will miss all the best features.