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Type in swimfast for faster speed, it really works!

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Q: What are the Codes for Benjamin Beaver?
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What are the secret codes for dustbin beaver posters?

GIFTISLAND23 - Dustbin Beaver Poster

Did Benjamin Franklin invent ciphers and codes?

Yes Benjamin Franklin invented ciphers and codes

What are the codes for Beaver Warrior and Silent Magician in ultimate Yugioh vault?

Silent Magician is CAST, Beaver Warrior hasn't happened yet...

What is the code for a dustbin beaver poster?

to get the dustbin beaver poster you have to go to the login and type in where it says secret codes the secret code is:giftisland23

Can you type in a code to get a moshling but it can not be Roxy?

Yes, there are codes for Blingo, Dustbin Beaver, and Nipper but you have to purchase specific items to get their codes.

What is the new Dustin beaver codes?

yes there are CODES for Moshi Monsters.This one will give you 1000 rox. It worked for ME!moshidosh392TRY IT! IT WORKS!!

Can you get moshling secret codes on Moshi Monsters?

yes you can blingo, dustbin beaver. etc. like that sort

What are the codes for ultra rare moshlings dustbin beaver?

Subscribe to a moshi magazine and you should get a code to get a Trashy Tulip. Use the code then plant the Trashy Tulip with two other random plants and you will get Dustbin Beaver

Is there any secret codes to get ultra rare moslings on moshi monsters?

There are like Roxy and Dustbin beaver and Blingo and Niper.

What are the lyrics for the beaver song?

beaver 1 beaver all lets all do the beaver crawl beaver 2 beaver 3 lets all climb the beaver tree beaver 4 beaver 5 lets all do the beaver jive beaver 6 beaver 7 let all go to beaver heaven beaver 8 beaver 9 STOP its beaver time

What do you type in on the moshi monsters codes area to get Dustbin Beaver?

You have to subscribe to the Moshi Monster Magazine and you should get the code in an email a few days later.

Does anyone have an unused dustbin beaver code that they don't want?

Code is on YouTube write In moshi monster codes and click a movie there are plenty of them and it can be used