How can you get dust bin beaver?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to get dustbin beaver plant the trashy tulip and any 2 other seeds

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Q: How can you get dust bin beaver?
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How do you get dust bin beaver?

you can't get it

How do you get dust bin beaver the moshling?

Not available yet.

How do you get dust bin beaver on moshi monters?

Dustbin Beaver will be coming out in a mission in July 2011

What moshling is secret 4?


Can you get dust bin beaver just by code?

nope you can't get him directly with a code you will get a rare plant! you have to plant it with any other 2 plants then you'll get dustbin beaver!

How do you get the dust bin beaver poster?

when you log in u have to enter this code in the secret code part - giftisland23then u will find the Dustbin beaver poster in your treasure chest!!

How do you catch zack bin spin?

You can not get Zack Bin-spin as a moshling. you might have got confused with Dust-bin beaver you c an get him by sub-scribing to Moshi-magazine and you would get a E-mail of a code for The trashy tulip.From X

What rhymes with dust bin?

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What is the disadvantage of a dust bin?

advantages of dustbin

What do the British call a trash can?

A dust bin.

How do you say bin in Japanese?

ごみ箱 /go mi ba ko/ : 'bin, dust bin, trash can'.

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