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There are many Pokemon that you can have. You just have to switch them out in the PC when you want to.

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Q: What are the 6 Pokemon for Pokemon Red?
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How many Pokemon does Red have?


How do you get a Pokemon with more than 400 attack on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pokemon fire red how to have more Pokemon more than 6 Pokemon

How do you get the Sapphire on Pokemon Red?

it is in the dotted hole on 6 islland

4000 of 6 percent?

In Pokemon Green loves Red

How you get to 6 island in Pokemon fire red?

catch 60 Pokemon then talk to professor oak.

What is the location of badg 6 Pokemon Fire Red?

Saffron- Sabrina

Where is the altering cave in Pokemon Fire Red?

Island 6 near the edge

How many Pokemon do you need to have before vs the elite 4 in Pokemon fire red?

As many as you feel you need (1-6) I'd recommend going to 6 though.

Should you raise 6 Pokemon in red?

Yes since its the maximum amount you can have in a party. You can of course raise more than 6 Pokemon as well you just switch Pokemon from the PC to raise whatever Pokemon you want. Of course you can raise less then 6 if you want i only raised 5 Pokemon in my yellow version.

Can I have more than 6 Pokemon team with me?

You can't hold more than 6 Pokemon in your party. It's been this way since the first games (Red/Blue/Yellow). If you have 6 Pokemon in your party when you catch a new Pokemon, it'll be sent to your PC.

When does charmaleon learn ember Pokemon Red?

CHARMANDER, learns ember at level 6 or 7

Do you have to transfer 6 Pokemon or can you choose only 3 Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

When transferring or migrating from Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green or Emerald - you must migrate 6 Pokémon - no more, no less.