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The first one that comes to mind is four; others are:

  • anus
  • aqua
  • blue
  • blur
  • bout
  • chug
  • chum
  • club
  • clue
  • coup
  • crud
  • crux
  • daub
  • dour
  • drug
  • drum
  • faun
  • faux
  • flux
  • foul
  • glue
  • glum
  • glut
  • gout
  • grub
  • haul
  • hour
  • laud
  • loud
  • lout
  • maul
  • noun
  • onus
  • opus
  • ovum
  • plug
  • plum
  • plus
  • pouf
  • pour
  • pout
  • rout
  • scum
  • shun
  • shut
  • slug
  • slum
  • slur
  • smug
  • smut
  • snub
  • snug
  • soul
  • soup
  • sour
  • spud
  • taut
  • thud
  • thug
  • thus
  • tour
  • true
  • your
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Q: What are the 4 letter words with u as the second to last letter?
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What are some 4-letter words with you as the second-to-last letter?

onus, opus, foul

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What are some 4-letter words with u as the second letter and s as the last letter?

Buss (As in BUSS compression) Cuss Fuss

What 4 letter words have you as second letter?

Some four letter words with a second letter U are:auraburncurbcuredulldumbeurofundguruhugejumpjunklumpluremuchmutenudeoustpullpurepushrulerumpruinruserushrustsuchsurftune

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Four letter words with the same first and last letter are:areaariaaquaaurabarbblabblobbulbchicdeaddeeddieddyedeaseeaveedgeelsefiefganggonggroghashhighhushkickkooklolllullmaimneonnoonnounoleoontoOreoorzoouzopeeppimpploppomppoopprepproppulppumprearroarsanssasssoustacttartteattauttenttesttextthattilttintToottorttouttrottufttwitwhew

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spotspamspinspit_______________5 letter words:spellsportspeedspoonspacespill

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Assuming "you" = "u", here are some: rung, bung, lung, hung, dung & sung.

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