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Four letter words with the same first and last letter are:

  • area
  • aria
  • aqua
  • aura
  • barb
  • blab
  • blob
  • bulb
  • chic
  • dead
  • deed
  • died
  • dyed
  • ease
  • eave
  • edge
  • else
  • fief
  • gang
  • gong
  • grog
  • hash
  • high
  • hush
  • kick
  • kook
  • loll
  • lull
  • maim
  • neon
  • noon
  • noun
  • oleo
  • onto
  • Oreo
  • orzo
  • ouzo
  • peep
  • pimp
  • plop
  • pomp
  • poop
  • prep
  • prop
  • pulp
  • pump
  • rear
  • roar
  • sans
  • sass
  • sous
  • tact
  • tart
  • teat
  • taut
  • tent
  • test
  • text
  • that
  • tilt
  • tint
  • Toot
  • tort
  • tout
  • trot
  • tuft
  • twit
  • whew
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List 4 letter words 1st & 4th letter are the same. 3rd letter is u

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Q: 4 letter words where first and last letter are the same?
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what nine letter word starts with the same first letter and same last letter?

Nine letter words that begin and end with the same letter:beachcombdartboarddecimateddecorateddecreaseddefrostedeffectiveeradicateetiquetteexecutivefireproofflagstafffoolproofgatheringgroundhoghairbrushhopscotchhundredthmagnesiummidstreamnarrationnewswomannightgownnutritionrainwaterrecruitersailboatssentencesturbulent

Four letter words with first and last letter them same?

Some examples are... aqua, barb, chic, dead, else, gang, hath

What is the fruit that the first letter is the same as the last letter?


Which words begin with the same letter as the last?

teapot Disneyland

What six letter word have the same first and fourth letter?

Some six letter words with the same first and fourth letter are:attainbabblebarberchachadeadlydoodaddoodleeateryfluffygarglegooglemammalopposepepperpuppetramrodseasonteethevelvetzigzag

Why do my sentences tend to have words with the same first letter?

The use of words having the same first letter is a form of poetry known as alliteration. You are a poet.

That have same first and last letter?

Hearth Snipes

What 5 letter word has the same first and last letter and the same second and fourth letter?

kayak and level

What three letter words contain 3 different letters and the last letter is the same?

Please explain what the last one is the same as if all three are different.

Can you give me a list of 5 letter words in which the second letter is the same as the second last?


What 2 six letter words are spelled the same except for the last letter?

Muslim- muslin

What is the word for words with the same first letter?