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Things made of metal start with k

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Q: What are some things that are made of metal that start with the letter k?
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What are some things made of wood that start with the letter N?

The newspaper is made from wood pulp. Nightstands are made from wood.

What are 20 things that are made out of metal?

what are the names of metal

List of things that are made out of metal?

Metal Boners

Name 10 things made from metal?

an aeroplane is made out of metal called titanium

What to make with metal?

There are many things that can be made with metal, including cars. Machinery and electronics can also be made from metal.

What are things that start with the letter Y in Florida?

Thing founf in Florida starting with the letter Y? A yo-yo made in Florida.

Why are scissors made of metal?

metal is hard and strong and it can cut things easily

Why is most of the periodic table metal?

Because most things are made of metal.

What things are made out of metal?

There are many items made out of metal...many things you see in your everyday lives such as cars,some lights or lamps,pipes,jewlery,coins and many other things.

What are some earth made things that start with with the letter s?

soil,sunflowers,seeds,streams,snow, and smoke any more?

What all was made from metal?

too many things to list.

What are school supplies made of?

School Supplies are made of different things e.g metal plastic and all sorts of things.