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Q: What are some shops that you can sell furniture in wizard101?
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Are there any furniture shops that sell cheap but good quality furniture?

Yes. They are many shops that sell cheap quality furniture. Try some stores like sears or Ikea, when they have sales you will get a good deal.

Where can one find vintage industrial furniture?

There is a wide selection of shops and online stores that sell vintage industrial furniture. 5rooms, Retro and eBay are some of the online shops that sell vintage industrial furniture.

Where are there shops selling unique patio umbrellas?

I don't know of many shops that sell unique patio furniture. I do know of some stores that sell unique patio furniture. You would want to look at some of the outlet stores.

Can you help me pick out some unique patio furniture?

It all depends upon your taste. If walmart and Kmart do not offer unique enough furniture for you, then try some of your local thrift shops. A lot of them have old furniture that they do not make anymore nor sell anymore.

What are some cheap sofa shops?

value city furniture, furniture outlet

What is the best type of store to purchase area rugs?

You can buy area rug from any home decor shops or furniture shops near you. There are some online sites which sell those check out

Where can I find affordable designer furniture?

If you are wanting to update your furniture in the fashion of designer furniture, there are always auction houses. At an auction house, you can usually bid for items, such as designer furniture, for a nice little savings. Also, there are shops that sell designer furniture wholesale, which also save you some money.

What shops sell silk?

Yes! They do sell silk , but only some of them have . Most shops do not have silk.

What companies sell Jessica McClintock furniture?

There are a wide variety of companies which sell Jessica McClintock furniture. Some of these stores which sell that furniture include Furniture Geek and Home Gallery Stores.

How can you get old furniture i love furniture?

Antique shops will carry old furniture (some of the best antique shops are small ones or out of the way shops); Estate auctions (the Estate does not have to be from a wealthy Estate) or often garage sales one can pic up old furniture for a few dollars if they have the patience.

Do gun shops sell BARs?

Some do.

What shops sell sequin art?

well many shops sell sequin art but some shops i have seen them in are "the entertainer in st Stevens Boyes and the range