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Depakote (only nerve pain though)






Duloxetine (nerve pain again)

Durogesic (branded fentanyl)
Difene is one of the most well known ones

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Q: What are some pain killers that begin with the letter D?
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Are pain killers addictive?

Most are, some are not.

What are some encouraging words that begin with the letter N?

No pain, no gain

How do you get pain killers?

There are some Non-Perscription pain killers such as Asprin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen. For stronger stuff, ask your doctor

Are pain killers considered to be depressants?

Not automatically, no. Some "pain killers" are depressants and others aren't. Aspirin, for example, is an analgesic ("pain killer") but not a depressant.

What is the best cure for pain while on your period?

Take a nap! And take some pain killers

Any sidev effects Chest congestion from cold and pain killers?

There may be some side effects of cold and pain killers taken for chest congestion. This may be liver damage or even death, in case of over dosage of pain killers.

What are some nonprescription pain killers?

acetaminophen or paracetamol., tramadol, narcotics

What are pscychological effects of pain killers?

pain killers releases the pain,and it does affect psychologically.Because it releases the pain ,the environment inside our body will be normal.And if we take painkillers every time it can cause some bad side effect's.

Can painkillers kill pathogens?

Pain killers only do just that- help to kill pain. Pathogens such as bacteria are not killed by pain medicine. Antibiotics are prescribed to kill some pathogens, but currently no antibiotics are also pain killers as well.

How do you get rid of back pain during periods?

There are a few ways.. The best way is probably having some pain killers/paracetamol etc. You can also fill up a hot water bottle and have it on your back. But i recommend staying in bed, take some pain killers and just relax.

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