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Why don't you buy your own?

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Q: What are some of the activation codes to adopt a bear on Build-a-Bearville?
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What are the cheat codes for transylmania 2?

Level 2: Bat-Vampire-Bear-Skull Level 3: Bat-Bear-Bear-Bat-Bat Level 4: Skull-Bear-Bat-Bear-Vampire Level 5: Bear-Bear-Skull-Skull-Skull Level 6: Bat-Vampire-Vampire-Skull-Bear Level 7: Vampire-Skull-Bat-Vampire-Skull

The level codes for transylmania 2?

Level 1:Click New GameLevel 2:Bat, Vampire, Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, SkullLevel 3:Bat, Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, Bat, BatLevel 4:Skull, Teddy-Bear, Bat, Teddy-Bear, VampireLevel 5:Teddy-Bear, Teddy-Bear, Skull, Skull, SkullLevel 6:Bat, Vampire, Vampire, Skull, Teddy-BearLevel 7:Vampire, Skull, Bat, Vampire, SkullLevel 7 is the last level.

Code to get a bear on babv?

Ther are 2 things you can do the first is you can go to your nearest build a bear workshop and buy a bear and use the codes on the bottom of the birth certificate in the build a bear workshop in build a bearvill. In addition to getting bear bills you'll get 10 bearvill outfitter's credits wich are very hard to get so use them wisely. The second thing you can do is request a welcome pass to build a bearvill, give them your name and full mailling address. When you get it enter the code in the bearvill workshop and choose your on-line bear done! Hope this helps. :) see ya around build a bearvill. Ruthballetslippers4

What bear has the letter l in it?

Grizzly Bear and Polar bear .

Any cool cheats for babv?

Yes there are some cool cheats. If you have a stuff for stuff club card you can get unlimited bear bills. Isnt that awesome. i cant tell you how, that you have to find out yourself, but it is way cool. I have gotten over one million bear bills and i am giving them out for free. Way awesome. Please be cool and tell me how to get unlimited bear bills. Sorry but like i said earlier i cant. that would ruin the challenge. Here are some money codes! These give you 1000 bear bills each. PEOP-BABW-2008 J94P-WJ64-NX2K W3YH-8B45-527M TK3Z-6V8P-V48L. Zaggy10

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What are some activation codes to adopt a bear on Buildabearville or to get free stuff?

All the codes have been expired.

What is an Activation codes to adopt a bear?

I am sorry I cant give you an answer because once you use one you cant use it again

Can you give build a bear codes?

Yes there are codes for build a bears codes for clothes on build a bear ville and codes for bears on buildabearville

How do you be a free member on build a bear-ville?

Sorry there is no buildabearville codes like that, Sorry. I tried it. Add me, I'm AllisonRocknRoll1 on buildabearville!

What are some cheat codes for recipt numbers for buildabearville?

get a build a bear and you're sure to get a recipt code!

Where can you get moves on buildabearville?

go onto, they have all sorts of codes 4 build a bear. including moves.

Build a bear cheats codes that did not been used?

if you go to www.2010 cheats you'll see all the buildabearville codes that were ever made.

Whear do you type in cheat codes too get 1000 bear bills on buildabearville?

animal id 04984764328478 key code zallypolkigr

What are all the codes for buildabearville?

babvclub.yolasite.comMilkrcks0808 Milkrcks2008

What are some cheat codes for BuildaBearvillecom?

=DEAR Buildabearville code lookers,==THERE ARE SOME CODES BUT I ONLY HAVE ONE. IT IS FOR 1000 BEAR BILLS. IT IS : TK326V8PV48L. Sorry i don't have more but you can look around on google to get more cheat codes.=Bear Hugs,ABBE2HIP28714

Is there any build a bear codes to adopt one?

try 9a86-sh7d-babv100,000,000 bear bills

What are some codes to adopt a bear on Build-a-Bearville?

buy your self a bear dont ask people