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Ha-ha!Don't even ask.I already USED mine.Well sorry.Some codes are fake.So try and ask your parents to get you one for your birthday or Christmas.I got two but i forgot my old account,but i could have gave it to you.If your friends have extra,ask them if you can have one.One more thing if you ever get one go on every single day no matter what or they will be hungry,sad,and unhealthy and you'll have to buy too much stuff.You can spend your cash at the flea market buying stuff.Oh and the amusement park won't open.

Why won't the amusment park open ? ? ? Lazy myepet people


I already used mine. Don't worry, you can get one for christmas. I don't even remerber my code. Actually you can make your epet feel better by playing games and going to the dinner and the spa. You can buy things for your pet, too. It is easy to fall back on myepets. Just enjoy.

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Q: What are some of the Secret codes for myepets?
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