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Talented, tasty, terrific, thankful and tremendous are happy adjectives. They begin with the letter T.

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Q: What are some happy word adjectives that start with T?
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What are some adjectives for the word happy?

excited, happy, enthusiastic, cheerful, and more :)

What is possessive form of happy?

The word 'happy' is an adjective. Adjectives do not have a possessive form. Adjectives have comparative forms: positive: happy comparative: happier superlative: happiest

What are some adjectives that begin with a g but is the synomon for jolly?

The word is "Gay". It means jolly, Cheerful, merry or happy.

Is ecstatic a noun verb or adjective?

It is an adjective. It is a word that describes something. Some other adjectives are happy, sad, excited, and anxious.

What are some adjectives for wish?

The word wish does not have a lot of adjectives to relate with. However two examples of adjectives for this word are : wishful, and wishless.

What are four adjectives that describe the word happy?

The word happy is an adjective. Any word that modified happy would be an adverb.He is very happy.She is not happy.They are occasionally happy.The adjective happy has synonyms such as blissful, cheerful, joyous, jubilant, and merry.

What is a word that describes that starts with a W?

Words that are used to describe nouns are known as adjectives. Some adjectives that start with the letter W are: wavy, weathered, wet, white, wobbly, wonderful.

What word means the same as pleased?

adjectives: satisfied, happy, content Verbs (past tense of "to please") - made me happy, satisfied

What are some adjectives for the word afternoon?


Name 10 adjectives for the word walk?

Some adjectives that describe the noun walk:aversivecrookedfasthesitantreticentseductiveslowtired

What are some nouns that describe the word friend?

Nouns don't describe they are the names of people places and things. Adjectives describe nouns. Friend is a noun. Adjectives that describe could be: best / favourite / happy / sad / close / new / lady / good /

What part of speech does the adjective modify I am happy to meet you?

Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns. In the sentence "I am happy to meet you", happy is a predicate adjective. The word it's describing is the subject "I", a pronoun.