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Call of Duty 3 is a good Teen (ESRB) rated first-person shooter for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Xbox and Wii.

Battlefield 2142 is a critically acclaimed Teen rated first-person shooter for Windows PC and Mac OS X.

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Q: What are some good T rated first person shooters?
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Is the Genius MaxFire G-08XU, PC gamepad good for any computer game?

No, it's good for most but not first person shooters.

Does the x box 360 suck?

the games are pretty good for first person shooters and role playing games, but the ps3 console is better, but i doesn't have as good games.

Good shooting games for Mac?

The following are all 'First Person Shooters' that are free to download for a Mac:America's ArmyAlien Arena 2009Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritorTremulousNexuizLink provided below.

Are most cowboys good shooters?

Most cowboys we're actually mediocre shooters.

Are there any good free online third person shooters besides battlefield heroes?

no, battlefield heroes pones them all!

Is call of duty 5 world at war easy?

It depends what difficulty level you put it on and how experienced you arewith first person shooters. I think of myself as pretty good but on normal difficultyI had a fair challenge.

Are there any good first person shooter for the 360 that are rated T?

if you have xbox live, you can buy the arcade game called battlefield 1943. Almost fully destructible terrain, the ability to drive vehicles such as jeeps, tanks and aeroplanes, and quality graphics,it's one of the best shooters for xbox 360. And its only $15 AUS

How come Call of Duty is such a good game?

Its on the most popular systems, and FPS (first person shooters) are a highly prized genre. Graphics, controls, campaign, and replay-ability are key factors when criticizing a game

Is the PSP a good game system?

. It really matters what type of games you play. If you like first person shooters, violent, sports, or fighting than yes. If you like rpg games there is not a whole lot and the ones they do have are bad.

What makes it easy for shooters to see possums at night?

A good torch.

Is there any free multiplayer online first person shooters that are non downloadable?

actually there are some games that you can play that you don't have to download one is hopeless 2 that's good but there are more just search the web look that is says no download on the bottom description

What are 5 advantages for video games?

It inhances hand-eye coordination, builds problem solving skills, increases reflexes, some of them have good lessons or morals. And recent study has shown that FPS (first-person shooters) actually increase your eye sight