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well they have dressup games

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Q: What are some fun club activities or games to do on Stardoll?
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What are some good games like woozworld?

Theres .club Penguin .bearville .free realms .wizard101 stardoll (if your 13+ its more fun)

What does the diamond beside some people's nicknames mean on Stardoll?

The diamond is a Stardoll royal club. You cannot join this club, but you are invited by the Stardoll Admin. To be invited into this club, you have to spend a lot of money at the Starplaza, and also be superstar for a whole year without stopping. You have to be superstar, even when you are in the club.

What are some games just like secret builders?

club penguin fantage binweevils pandanda panfu stardoll secret builders Roblox

How do you get Dexter on stardoll?

I think you just have to join a club AskPaulinaGirls, and you´ll get it! Or you might have to watch some video in the Stardoll cinema.

What are some free games for 10 year old girls to play online?

Club Penguin Stardoll Poptropica Penguin Diner Goodnight Kiss BarbieGirls FreeCookingGames OnlyGirlsGames Theslap girlsgogames wordle barbie onlygirlsgame stardoll

What are some similar games to clubpenguin?

Charm girls Club Benie Bears Poptropica Toots Villie Woogi World Moshi monsters Stardoll Fantage NeoPets

Why do some people have a diamond next to them on stardoll?

because they are stardoll royalty which means they have been a superstar for more than a year. To become stardoll royalty become superstar for more than a year the stardoll will send you an invatation to join the stardoll royalty club.Once you join the club(this club can not be found in search clubs)and then you stop being superstar you are kicked out! hope this helped you:)

What are some fun stardoll clubs to join on stardoll?

Hey! One fun club on stardoll is Covergirl_Tips7! I am in it and it is an amazing club! There are tons on contests and the owner, srkaseta has won National covergirl before so she gives us tips on how to win! She is one of the most popular members on stardoll! She loves new member to her club so join and vote her for covergirl! I hope this helped!

How do you earn money in stardoll?

You can get money on stardoll by playing games, dressing up dolls, or you can buy some on the website.

What are some fun chat online fashion games?


How do you upload images to your club on stardoll?

When you are on Stardoll and made you're club, you can either go to the clubs settings or when you are signed in as the owner of the club, you can click the display picture and browse threw you're computers images for some. But remember Stardoll don't except many photo's because they are really stricted about what images you put on and they may NOT be accepted.

What clubs on stardoll can you get free gifts 2012?

Well. I know you can get some at The Monster High Club.