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Look around in some places and they'll have some games to play.Or if you mean like earning money off of the games, Same thing. :)

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Q: How do you play games on Club Penguin?
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What games can you play with a white puffle on club penguin?

This answer is unknown in Club Penguin history. You cannot play any games with a white puffle on Club Penguin

Games on club-penguin elite force?

You can pretty much play all the games you play on Club Penguin.

How do you get 1000000000 coins on Club Penguin?

Play games but you need ALOT of playing games in Club Penguin

How do you get extra money in Club Penguin?

you play games and that is how you get more money in club penguin

How do you earn the graduate stamp on Club Penguin?

you play club penguin games and get earned

How do you do coin on Club Penguin?

you need to play games on club penguin to get more coins

How you get 10000000000000000 gold on Club Penguin?

Play games on Club Penguin for days and days and days.

How do you get a ton of coins on Club Penguin?

play games

Can you play games with no membership in club penguin?


Can the brown puffle play any penguin games on club penguin?

Not yet.

Where can you play games in club penguin?

There are games all over in club penguin. If you click on the map and look in theupperleft corner of it and click on thebuttonthat says games all the games you can play will show up.

What games do green puffle like to play on club penguin?

they don't play any games