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Q: What are some cheats for scrap metal heroes?
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What happens to scrap metal after its thrown away?

Nothing will happen to your scrap metal. It will be taken to a land fill. Do yourself some good, and take it to a scrap yard, sell it, make some money, and keep that scrap out of the landfills.

What are some Bionicle Heroes cheats?

There are no bionicle ceats

Is a transmission considered scrap metal?

Yes, a transmission is considered scrap metal! You can sell it to a scrap yard if you wish. They are usually made of some kind of aluminum.

Where can you get scrap metal in rune factory?

Take your Hammer into any Dungeon. Smash the rocks and you will get some scrap metal along with other ores.

What are some cheats for might and magic clash of heroes?

167377 magic clash

What are some cheats for medal of honor heroes 2 for wii?

there is none so far

What websites should you check for current scrap copper pricing?

Here are some websites to try for current scrap metal

What are some cheats for Medal of Honor Heroes?

There are no "official" cheats for this game, only some glitches. These glitches differ depending on the map and server (if you're playing multiplayer.)

Do you have to take a three phase motor to a disposal site?

A 3-phase motor probably has some scrap value to a scrap-metal dealer.

What is the current price scrap metal?

The current price of scrap metal depends on the type of scrap metal. There are different prices for non ferrous and ferrous scrap metal prices depending on your location in the world. Prices also fluctuate on a daily basis Some average prices for the United States, as of April 15 2011 are: No. 1 Copper $3.30 per pound No. 2 Copper $3.20 per pound No. 3 Copper $3.10 per pound Steel Scrap $380 - 400 per ton

How much does scrap metal sell for?

Scrap Metal can be sold at your nearest scrap recycling center. To find your nearest scrap yard, go to google maps, find your town/city, and search for scrap metal recycling. Bring in your scrap metal ,and they will weight it and pay you accordingly...But make sure you clean it all up before hand for a better price. For more info, check out the How To in the related links.

Is there cheats for cartoon wars 2 heroes?

NoT that i know of. But there are cheats for cartoon wars one but that game isn't as fun. If you want some cheats for any game/app Google is your best choice