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for sims 2 castaway:

Quickly press Minus, Plus, Z, Z, A. All Motives. Quickly press Plus, Plus, Minus, Minus, Z. All Plans. Quickly press A, A, Down, Down, A. All Crafting Resources. Quickly press Left, Right, Left, Right, A. Maximum Current Food and Resources. Quickly press Z, Plus, A, B, 2. Maximum Relationships. Quickly press 2, Up, Right, Z, Right. Add One to Skill. Quickly press Z, Z, A, Z, 2. Unlock Vest and Tanktop.

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Q: What are some cheats for my Sims the game for WII?
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Are there cheats to Wii?

it really depends on what game you need cheats for. for instance i need cheats for tetris on wii . yes you can have cheats on wii. some games will not let you cheat on them so other than that then yes your answer is yes.

Can you download Sims on your Wii to play as on your Sims 3 for Wii?

You can buy the game at lots of game stores

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no you cannot. I was looking for cheats and i came across a person who claimed they had twins on the sims 2 castaway for wii.

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Yes, there is the game on the Wii.

When is the Sims 3 on Wii?

The Sims 3 for Wii is already in stores. I have it myself for the Wii. It is a very fun game!

When will the sims 3 come out for Wii?

The Sims 3 for Wii came out just recently. I have the game myself for the Wii. It is a very good game! Hope this helps:)

Is Sims 3 the game for Wii?

no sims 3 for computer

What level in my sims for Wii do you get a bunkbed?

To tell you the truth you dont get the bunk bed you have to get the cheat code. Go to and then go to wii and then youhit cheat codes then you go to letter m and then you go to my sims and there is plenty of cheats there for my sims wii

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Yes you can, if you arereferringto the Sims 3:

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no just karma that gives u 25,000 $

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