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if you are growing fruit trees and you don't want them to die, cut down a normal tree with an axe and plant the fruit tree in the normal trees place.

Look on neoseeker, as there are many brilliant cheats there to have a look at. Otherwise here are some:

To Get The Golden Shovel - Put a shovel in the ground and leave it there for a day, the next day you will have a golden shovel.

To Get A Nice Inventory Background - Drag and drop a shirt or a pattern to the lower left hand corner of the inventory, and voila that pattern will be the inventory background. Plus, the first time you do this you receive the big dot shirt.

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Q: What are some cheats for Animal Crossings Wild World DS?
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Basically all it is for ME is a website to find game cheats. I use it to find cheats for Animal Crossing Wild World.

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190 cheats on this page

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To enter your cheats you must have an Action Replay. You put the codes in that and they are in your animal crossing game.

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