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It is the Code you recive on the back of a paid card too Give you a certain amount of money when typed into your "Nintendo 3DS"

Note: These "Codes" do not work with older versions of Nintendo Products other than the "Nintendo 3DS"

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Q: What are some Nintendo eShop prepaid card activation numbers?
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What are some Nintendo eShop prepaid card numbers?


Where can you buy a Nintendo Prepaid Card for the Wii U eshop in Canada?

Nintendo eShop prepaid cards can be bought wherever you can buy Wii U or Nintendo 3DS games. Example of this include Future Shop, Best Buy and EB Games. It is also important to ensure that the card you are buying is an eShop prepaid card. Wii points or Nintendo DSi points cards cannot be redeemed on a Wii U. On the other hand, older eShop prepaid cards branded as "Nintendo 3DS" prepaid cards can be used on the Wii U eShop.

Is a Nintendo Points Card the same as an eShop card?

No. Because the eShop no longer uses Nintendo points, they will have their own set of prepaid cards.

How do you get more funds on 3DS?

In order to add funds on the Nintendo eShop, you can either connect your credit card and withdraw cash from there, or you can buy a prepaid point card which can be redeemed by entering the pin afterwards.

Where can you buy Nintendo eshop prepaid card?

Gamestation sells them.

WHAT IS A a redeem download code in the Nintendo eshop?

A redeem download code in the nintendo eshop is a code that you get from club nintendo, for example, then type it in the nintendo eshop to get a game.

When was Nintendo eShop created?

Nintendo eShop was created on 2011-06-06.

Are 3ds eshop game codes that you buy from GAME region locked?

All Nintendo prepaid cards are only usable in the region they were bought in. (ie. North America, Japan, Europe, or Australia.) In the case of GAME, as they are a European chain, then would sell prepaid cards that can only be used in Europe's eShop.

Is Majora's Mask coming to Nintendo eshop?

It is already on the eShop for 3ds

When is Mario Kart 7 coming to Nintendo eShop?

Mario Kart 7 is already in the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Is new super Mario bros 2 available on Nintendo eshop?

Yes, it is available on the Nintendo eShop for $39.99.

How do you access Nintendo eShop?

Firstly, you will need internet connection and your region settings must be in a location that has the Nintendo eShop available. Then, select the Nintendo eShop icon on the home screen. Enter your Nintendo Network ID and password to have access to the Nintendo eShop.