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They are codes that you put in on the site and you unlock ingredients, clothing items, and furniture. If you are wondering what codes there are, go to Disney Online Worlds Guides.

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Q: What are secret codes for pixie hollow?
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What are some codes for pets in pixie hollow?

Pets did not have secret codes in Pixie Hollow Online.

What website do you go on to use pixie hollow secret codes?

on the main pixie hollow website, scroll down & click on, secret codes

Were can you find pixie hollow cheat codes?

I suggest you go to they have a lot of pixie hollow secret codes!

How do you get a secret code for a hairstyle on pixie hollow?

there are no secret codes for hairstyles in pixie hollow. but you can try this code....406060 it works.

Where do you find pixie hollow cheat codes?

Search it or go to

Are there any secret codes for a pet in pixie hollow?


Can you make up your secret codes in pixie hollow?


New secret codes for pixie hollow?


Secret codes for pixie hollow membership?

No there are none.

What is the secret code for pixie hollow?

There are many codes for pixie hollow. Like Derby, Style, Fashion and many more. But most of the codes you will see have expired they recently changed all the codes from pixie hollow.

Are there any secret codes for shoes in pixie hollow?

yes there are codes for pixie hollow! ill share three of them: daisy, rose, and acorn

Secrret codes for pixie hollow?

I know a lot of secret codes for Pixie Hollow! There is too many to list here. Why don't you just google 'Secret Codes for Pixie Hollow'? Okay so Google that then click on the one that says disney online worlds.