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To remaster the series on DVD and Blu-Ray. Don't even hope for another series. USER: Cooljoe

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Q: What are plans for the Dragon Ball series?
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What is the new series of Dragon Ball Z called?

the new series of dragon ball z is called dragon ball z kai

What is the last series of Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball GT.

What Dragon Ball series is omega shenron from?

dragon ball gt

What is the first televised Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball of course

What is the new Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball z kia

What Dragon Ball Z series comes after dragon ball gt?

iam sorry to tell u but DB gt is the last series of dragon ball though there is dragon ball af but it is fan made

If you made a new Dragon Ball series what would it be?

it will have to be dragon ball XT.

Is there a series after Dragon Ball Z if so what is it called?

Yes, there is a new Dragon Ball series. It is called Dragonball GT

Is dbz the?

DBZ stands for dragon ball z the second series dragon ball and dragon ball gt also connected to the movie dragon ball evolution

Will their another Dragon Ball series coming out?

dragon ball hoshi coming 2012/13 dragon ball hoshi fake or not

Will akira toriyama make more dragon ball z episodes?

As of now, there are no official plans for Akira Toriyama to create more episodes of Dragon Ball Z. However, new Dragon Ball series such as Dragon Ball Super have been released with his involvement, so it is possible that there may be more content in the future.

What are all the series names for Dragon Ball Z?

1 is Dragon ball 2 is Dragon ball Z 3 is Dragon ball GT and maybe Dragonball Af