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Normal Monsters are those with a yellow card border. They do not have any effects, so do not have 'Effect' in their type line, or any effect subtype like Union or Toon. Some may be Tuners though.

Note though that simply lacking the 'Effect' type does not make a card a Normal Monster - it is the yellow border that does. Some Fusion and Ritual Monsters are not Effect monsters, but nonetheless are not Normal, they are simply Fusions/Rituals.

Token Monsters also, by default, are Normal Monsters. Some tokens have an 'effect' such as the 'cannot be tributed for a tribute summon' on Scapegoat's Sheep Tokens, or the damage dealing effect of Ojama Trio. In these cases, the effect is actually a lingering effect of the effect that summoned them, and the token is still Normal in every way.

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Q: What are normal monsters in Yugioh?
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