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It depends on the degree of conflict and action you would call violence. By popular opinion the game Manhunt is generally considered to be one of the most violent.

Others would include any fighting game (Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street fighter), and most of the top selling games such as Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft involve violence.

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Q: What are names of violent video games?
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Should violent video games be banned or not?

No, violent video games teach kids about life and how it is and how it will be in the modern age...

What are worst video games for children?

The worst video games for children are violent video games because they teach the child playing the game to be violent and in some cases to make the child think that it is ok to be violent.

Video games do not make kids violent.?

Video games do not make kids violent.

How much majority of people are against violent video games?

I know a lot about violent video games because I researched on it, there are 90 percent of majority who are against video games and only 10 percent of majority who likes their children to play these violent video games!

Is violent video games good for you?


Do video games make you violent?


Do violent video contribute to youth violence YES?

Honestly no. I am quite sick of that statement I play violent games all the time am I serial killer no. Listen violent people are violent before they buy violent video games and non violent people people that buy violent video games do not turn in to ravenous murderers. I see violent video games as an outlet for anger for some people which reduces violence in real life. so NO

Are children more violent when playing violent video games?


Do violent video games produce violent behavior?

Rarely, but yes.

Why kids are not available to play violent video games?

Because they are to small to play violent games

How long do you let your son play violent video games?

it depends how old he is. if he is eight, proba a probably half a hour a hour at the most. because violent video games encourage them to be violent.

Do violent video games promote real life violence?

Though I do not believe violent video games promote real life violence, many experts believe they do. For example, in Australia violent video games are banned, and a heavy fine is placed on those found with them.