What are ice Pokemon weak against?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fire and steel types are super effective against Ice Pokemon. Electric, although super effective against water, do only normal damage to Ice Pokemon

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Q: What are ice Pokemon weak against?
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Related questions

What are dragon Pokemon weak against?

Dragon type Pokemon are weak against Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves.

What are ground Pokemon weak against?

there weak against grass, water and ice.

What is Druddigon weak against?

Druddigon is weak against dragon and ice type pokemon

What are ice Pokemon weak agianst in Pokemon crater?

All ice types are weak against Rock, Steel, Fire and Fighting.

What Pokemon type is weak against steel?

Ice and Rock pokémon are weak against steel". Steel is weak against Fire, Fighting and Ground

What are grass type Pokemon weak against?

they r weak against fire, flying, poison, bug and ice

What would happen in Pokemon if you used an ice attack on a dragon Pokemon?

they are weak against it ex. ice beam

What are ice Pokemon weak against in Pokemon crater?

Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock.

What is ice type Pokemon weak against?

Ice type Pokemon are extremely weak to fire, fighting, steel, and ground type Pokemon. They are super effective to grass and flying type Pokemon.

What are Cynthia' s Pokemon weak against?

spirtomb is weak against nothing gastrodon is weak against grass milotic is weak against grass and electric garchomp is weak against dragon and ice lucario is weak against fighting, ground, and fire roserade is weak against fire, ice, flying, and psychic hope this helps.

Pokemon platinum what moves is Cyrus weak against?

Ice and Fire

What is aerodactyl weak against in pokemon gold?

Water, Ice, and Electric