What are horsez codes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you want to take your foal to sally to be cured, write down the foals code. Type in the code to get it back, that's the only way you will.

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Q: What are horsez codes?
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Does anyone have all the Action Replay Codes for Petz Horsez 2?

I am sorry but there are none............................

When did Horsez happen?

Horsez happened in 2006.

When was Horsez created?

Horsez was created on 2006-10-26.

Are there any codes for horsez on the ds?

Yes, there is! You go on to the vet clinic in your town and you enter the code<WNJULFCROACDIILHM>, to get a free horse, and <ETFPOCPAJHATFP> for a free foal!

Will My Horsez be available in English soon?

The game is already available in English. There are several games in the "Horsez" series, and all of them are available in English.

What is estevan's safe code for horsez?


Is there a code for Petz Horseshoe Ranch that will unlock a new horse breed?

Yes!!! The codes are eitherMeadow or Yellow, so try either! Some other codes are Wetpet, and Christ. So, try both! I hope these are helpful, and good luck on your Petz Horsez Horseshoe Ranch, and I hope your horses grow!!! :-D

What to do after beating the game in Horsez DS?

just keep playing for fun :)

How do you cure your foal in petz horsez 2?

just ride it and feed

Is there a code for Petz horsez 2 on Nintendo DS?

No. There is not any code.

How do you find the flashlight on Horsez secrets of the ranch?

you buy it from the shop but not the market

Help Me On Horsez PC Please How do I get the ticket for Jade for the consert at the pub in week 3. You have to find the place where the band took the picture for their tickets. Please help me...?

I am up to this part, I have been trying But I can't find it too. Either type "Horsez Help Ticket" on a search engine or Google. GOOD-LUCK! Laura on Horsez PC