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You could try a game called Habbo hotel.

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Q: What are good online games for kids who like club penguin?
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What good online games are there?

what good online games are there? other than club penguin somthing like it.

What are good club games?

club penguin

Are There Any Good online virtual games?

well there is Club Penguin its really good,moshi monsters,binweevils,moviestarplanet

What is a good online site besides Club Penguin?

Some good websites besides club penguin are franktownrocks and moshimonsters.

What are some good online games like smallworlds?

red remover, club penguin,wizards101,ROBLOX LOTS!

What games are good for getting coins in club penguin?

Aqua grabber and fishing are good for getting coins in club penguin.

Are there any virtual penguin games?

Club penguin. The original club penguin game is Penguin chat, it isn't as good but I find it amusing. :)

Are there any good online games with dragons in it like club penguin?

Yes there is, there is a game called Adventure Quest Worlds that has dragons and warriors, it's just like Club Penguin! ~Winner 25321

Are there games like club penguin without membership?

There are many games like Club Penguin which you can do more with out a membership but there are none that are good with no cost.

What are the best games like club penguin?

well here are good games like club penguin. Moshi Monsters Binweevles Panfu.

What are good virtual games to play online?

Club Penguin, Poptropica,Webkinz(you have to buy one) Buildabearville is a good one so try them i like them!!!

What is a good online world for kids?

runescape club penguin ragnarock