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Q: What are good names for the webkinz ice dragon?
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What is the secret code to webkinz ice dragon?

Every webkinz comes with a unique code. That means that every ice dragon's code is not the same. Also if you want a webkinz you should go to the store and buy one.

What are good names for a webkinz bunny?

Skip, Hop, Marshmallow, Snowflake, Ice Cream, Vanilla

Does justice have webkinz trading cards?

I don't think so.I know they have a Ice Dragon though.

Does the webkinz ice dragon fly online?

Actually, it doesn't. For some reason, none of the dragons in webkinz world really fly. They only walk on there four feet. But, the webkinz sugar glider, which is a new webkinz, does fly, even though it has four feet.

What type of Pokemon is good against a dragon Pokemon?

Ice and Dragon.

How many Webkinz dragons are there?

As of 8-7-11, there are eleven Webkinz with 'dragon' in their name: the Citrus Dragon, the Emperor Dragon, the Golden Deluxe Dragon, the Green Seadragon, the Ice Dragon, the Lava Dragon, the Luck Dragon, the Shamrock Dragon, the Splash Dragon, the Twilight Dragon, and the Whimsy Dragon. Nine are traditional dragons; two (the Green Seadragon and the Splash Dragon) are seahorse-type animals. Four (the Golden Deluxe Dragon, the Green Seadragon, the Luck Dragon, and the Shamrock Dragon) are from the Ganz online store and are virtual only (no plush toy is available); the Luck Dragon has been shown in two versions but has not been released.

What move is good against dragon pokemon?

Ice and other dragon types. But also here's a good tip! When in doubt try ghost. Pretty awesome.

How do you beat appetite for destruction in Dragon Fable?

Have Aegis as your guest.Ghange your dragon element to Light (or Ice) and have a good Light (or Ice) weapon. Note:Use Ice element on your dragon and on weapon only if enemy is powerful and you need to use Ice Domain(from Aegis).

What is a good name for female ice dragon Ice Blue and Sky Blue skin color She is nice and friendly to humans?

If you're going to be a writer, you need to learn how to come up with names that YOU like, not something some anonymous person on the internet likes. Here's a link to a good online character naming website - I suggest playing around with some of the names to change them into something that YOU think describes your dragon.

How do you breed platinum dragon in Dragon City?

Ice dragon and Metal dragon

What pokemon or type is good against Garchomp in pokemon black and white?

Garchomp is a Ground/Dragon-type Pokemon, so it's weak to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type moves.

What Pokemon are good at dragon on platinum?

ice type or dragon type. either of the two will do just fine.