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the moves that i think that are good for it is fly, dark pulse, protect and sky attack. You are reading a Pokemon master.

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Q: What are good moves for honchcrow in Pokemon diamond?
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Is this a good team for Pokemon diamond Empoleon alakazam honchcrow rampardos Weavile Gengar?

yes good job buddy

Is this a good Pokemon Diamond team Infernape Honchcrow Roserade Luxeray Floatzel Rampardos?

I think so. I have 4 of those on my team :)

Is this a good team for Pokemon diamond honchcrow Infernape dialga gastrodon roseradeand luxray?

It all depends on what moves they know, as a general warning remember that Roserade has a great Special Attack stat, so use only special moves like Sludge Bomb and Leaf Storm and teach Luxray Ice Fang to have a way to counter Ground types.

How to get thorugh the elite4 on Pokemon Diamond?

strong pokemon/ good moves?? i used an action replay and made all mine lvl 70

Is this a good Pokemon team for diamond honchcrow lv 5o empelon lv 54 Lucario lv 56 Garchomp lv 59 Gengar lv 6o on your 7th badge?

yes its a really good team by the time you get to the Pokemon league your Pokemon will be really strong and youll pass it with ease but stock up on heapes of hyper potions and revies.

What Pokemon are good against Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

Fighting and Ground type moves are most effective against dialga, since it is a dragon+steel type pokemon.

What moves can Dialga learn in Pokemon diamond?

you can look on this Pokemon site: scroll down, and you see: there are dialga's moves. good luck

What are great water Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Well, there isn't really any ''good'' water Pokemon. Legendaries are always strong, and a great one is kyrogue, which you can get in Pokemon emerald. It really all depends on which moves the Pokemon knows

Is this a good Dragon team for Pokemon Diamond?


Are abras good in Pokemon diamond?


Is breloom a good Pokemon?

Breloom is a good Pokemon because it has high hp and it can learn good moves

What is good against ground Pokemon?

Water type moves and Grass type moves. Electric moves will have no effect. Flying types and Pokemon with levitate ability are good as ground-type moves have no effect against them.